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One To One Family Christian Counseling, Inc. is a ministry dedicated to helping individuals and families to reconcile and restore relationships, cope with painful challenges, and find the answers they are searching for and need from God, in order to live a successful and meaningful life. One To One has comprised a network of competent and compassionate Christian counselors, to provide virtual counseling, and who would respond to the growing needs of those who are hurting and need clear direction, restorative strategies, and an empowering word of encouragement. Ofrecemos consejeros de habla hispana

According to the American Association of Christian Counseling, “Attending to the needs and issues of hurting people today is complex, and at times overwhelming. As today’s generations search for purpose, meaning and value, many experience a pervasive sense of emptiness and loneliness. And why shouldn’t they? In a world flooded with distresses like divorce, father absence, rampant sexual abuse, terrorism, anxiety, and depression, there seems to be an epidemic of escapism through drugs, alcohol, consumerism, sex, violence, and suicide. Yet it is in the darkest times that light shines the brightest. Despite the tension and emptiness, something seems to be happening across America — people are searching for God.”

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Anthony and Willie Mae Church founded One To One Family Christian Counseling Inc. in 1997. They are a team and currently have succeeded in 60 plus years of marriage. They have also formally studied Christianity in the areas of Christian Education, Theology, Church Administration and Christian Counseling, with a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision, Christian Counseling, and Theology. Rev. Anthony P. Church Sr. also holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from International Seminary. Members of the American Association of Christian Counselors.


Executive Secretary 

Sharon Smith comes to the Executive Board with a high degree of professionalism from the area of Business Administration and Business Education, with a Bachelor’s Degree from Bethune Cookman University. Her work on countless projects within the Christian Church, from praise/worship, youth ministry, adult education, special projects as well as Christian Education, has expanded her Christian experience with understanding and compassion. Sharon also holds a Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Family Life. Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Certified Mental Health Coach from Light University.


Brian Church comes to the Executive Board from a background in Management and Christian Counseling. Brian’s Banking and Financial Analysis background has given him the ability to analyze and provide solutions to diverse and problematic challenges. Brian is a graduate of International Seminary with a Certification in Practical Theology, and from the University of Phoenix, with a Bachelor’s degree in Management. Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Certified Mental Health Coach from Light University, and a Professional Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors and Light University. Brian also serves on the Board of Directors for Suited 4 Success, Inc.


Executive Vice President/CFO

Antonio Church comes to the Executive Board as well with a high degree of professionalism from the area of Business Administration through Accounting. Combining his ministerial studies with his professional detail orientation has expanded Antonio’s ability to serve in the administration and functional of ministries in a very efficient manner. Antonio is a graduate of Sum Bible College and Theological Seminary. Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Minister of Global Village

Anthony P. Church Jr. comes to the Executive Board as the Minister of Global Village for One To One, Inc. He is a graduate of Cumberland College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion and Philosophy. Anthony’s knowledge, experience, and International travels has enhanced his ability to coordinate global missions. Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.


What are the effects of such painful and overwhelming challenges on our communities?

  • Grief and Loss

    Death due to Illness, Accidents, Murder, Terrorism, and Suicide can cause an inconsolable grief. As the grief process can come in relentless waves filled with various, intense emotions, those who struggle with it, can become consumed by it. The counselors of One To One will provide the necessary guidance, resources, and encouragement to those who are struggling with grief and loss, through insightful and practical information, support, and encouragement throughout the process.

  • Marriage

    One of God’s greatest gifts other than salvation and eternal life. A covenant created by God between man and woman to bless them and to replenish the earth. The Christian Marriage is designed to be a place where couples find compassion, intimacy, support, and meaning. However, sometimes the demands of life can take its toll on the marriage, and the couple begins to experience a lack of compassion, an absence of intimacy, a crumbling support, and a loss of meaning. Without the proper maintenance, the marriage, that once seemed to be filled with love and dreams, has now become a place of despair, disappointment, and rejection. Our counselors are dedicated to providing insight into God’s way of caring and allow Him to restore the broken areas of your marriage. 

  • Pre- Marital Counseling

    Marriage is made up of all that is beautiful, intimate, annoying, routine, humorous, exciting, difficult, dramatic, loving, and fulfilling; and each of these moments will be the result of a choice. Understanding God’s way of loving and caring for one another will guide you into making the right choices for your marriage. One To One Family Christian Counseling offers a 5-week comprehensive course and counseling session, to Christian couples, to understand the basis for a successful marriage, effective communication, resolving conflicts, sexual intimacy, and responsible money matters. 

  • Divorce

    According to Psychology Today, “The dissolution of a marriage is almost always an unhappy event, at the very least marked by disappointment and the loss of dreams and expectations. In addition, there are usually many legal, financial, parental, emotional, and practical aspects that require changes in responsibilities and routines, and it can take people years to regain equilibrium.”
    Studies have shown that nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. “In Western cultures, more than 90 percent of people marry by age 50. Healthy marriages are good for couples’ mental and physical health. They are also good for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational, and social problems. However, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.” (American Psychological Association)
    Although it is our goal to help each couple maintain a strong happy and healthy marriage, it is sometimes unavoidable and/or necessary to pursue a divorce. One To One is committed to providing Biblical principles toward divorce and helping those who are struggling with the decision and the process, to eliminate ill feelings, distrust, lack of confidence, pain, broken relationships, hatred, and the finality of divorce. Our counselors are also dedicated to helping those in need, to recognize where they are in their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • Addiction

    Addiction is one of the most overwhelming health issues in America today. It affects the mind, body, and soul, and it comes in many forms… alcohol, drugs, nicotine, sex, pornography, consumerism, and others. It consumes and destroys relationships, marriages, families, jobs, homes, and even ministries. Our goal as Christian counselors is to help individuals understand and apply the Biblical principles and strategies for divine recovery and spiritual transformation. 

  • Anxiety

    “Anxiety is characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes.” (American Psychological Association) It is a debilitating condition and it can rob us of our joy, destroy our peace, and deplete our faith. It can result in stress, depression, and even sickness. The counselors of One To One Family Christian Counseling have trained for and are committed to providing spiritual guidance through a mirage of feelings and fears. Find the joy and peace that God has in store for those who will seek and experience His word, His principles, and His love.

  • Depression

    As Christians, we are taught that we will experience trying times, but we are to count it joy. As we experience more and more of these trying times, we can sometimes grow weary and begin to lose our joy and our peace. “Depression is one of the most common issues that people face. Nearly one in five people will face a depressive episode at some point in their lifetimes.” Jared Pingleton, Psy.D. One To One Family Christian Counseling is dedicated to helping individuals, who are struggling with depression, to receive God’s healing for a hurting soul, and to receive His word that brings peace and restoration. 

  • Strife

    We live in a world that is filled with anger, betrayal, hatred, chaos, and corruption. Every time we turn on the television, we see and hear about the turmoil all around us. At times, it seems as though there’s nowhere to turn. Even as Christians, it can become difficult to peacefully maneuver through some of the strife we experience in our relationships, and we sometimes need help to find our way. God has given the counselors of One To One Family Christian Counseling the opportunity to share His compassion, guidance, and restorative power for every broken or damaged relationship in your life. 

  • Youth Counseling

    Today’s youth are facing greater pressures than ever before. Pressure from their peers, their coaches, their parents. They are also facing the pressure to excel academically, athletically, and socially. Sometimes these pressures result in behavioral problems, addictions, or even self-esteem issues. Our counselors are committed to providing support and counseling to help explore the problems and clarify the issues facing today’s youth while presenting a Biblical perspective on living a Spirit-filled life.

From the American Association of Christian Counselors:

Addiction is now the number one public health issue in the United States. Addiction can tear apart individuals and families and destroy lives. As Christians, God wants us to be His instruments of healing and restoration for those caught in the chains of addiction. The good news is that with today’s incredible medical and scientific advances that have refined the way we understand addictions, and with the application of spiritual transformation and renewal, we can offer real hope.No word brings more alarm, fear, pain, or concern than suicide. The statistics surrounding suicide are alarming: Over 40,000 Americans die by suicide every year. These are hurting people who desperately need our help.Every day we hear of a crisis or traumatic event that cripples the lives of people around us. Stress disorders are the most common mental health illnesses affecting nearly 40 million Americans annually. It’s also estimated that over seven million adults suffer from PTSD alone in any given year. Yet we also know that during times of hardship, people are most open to change.